Buy your ticket to Ottawa, kids. The Museum of Science and Technology's new exhibit, "Sex: A Tell-All Exhibition" had to raise its age limit from 12 to 16 after some visitors complained about what was inside. Not the fact that there was a sex exhibit targeted for 12-year-old kids, mind you, but what specifically the exhibit included. In all fairness, it was pretty fucking ratchet.

The exhibit included videos explaining masturbation, close-ups of adult genitals, photos of naked kids, teens, and adults, a variety of condoms on wooden dildos and, the cherry on top (no pun intended) the "climax room." What's a climax room, you ask? Plebes! It's where the magic happens —with a round leather bed, red curtains, a television showing "aroused genitals" and a voice-from-beyond talking about orgasms. Niiiiiiiiiiice.

A Q&A session also apparently told girls to go and have anal sex if they wanted to, and advised those over-14 that they don't need to tell their parents if they are thinking about getting an abortion.

People were understandably upset blah blah blah other people think it provides a service blah blah blah. That's not important, necessarily. Of course you're gonna get complaints! Let's focus on what really matters: trying to picture what the fuck that exhibit looked like.

[via Gawker]