Director: Ian Olds and James Franco

If you, like us, have been mystified by James Franco’s recent excursions into exhaustive, celebrity-testing performance art maneuvers (writing fiction, sporting dreads, overseeing art installations, etc.), the one-of-a-kind, pseudo-documentary Francophrenia should provide some answers about the guy’s motivations.

Award-winning documentarian Ian Olds sifted through 40 hours’ worth of footage, all shot while Franco outrageously played the murderous “Franco” on the soap opera General Hospital, and, with the actor’s enthusiastic permission, assembled a hilarious mockumentary about Franco’s descent into madness. With unsettling musical cues, hilariously deranged narration, and visual distortions, Francophrenia imagines what it’d be like if Franco realized that the soap is ridiculous and, subsequently, lost his mind.

The final product, which could very well be the festival’s funniest picture, should warm you up to Franco’s peculiar career trajectory as of late; when all’s said and done, he’s more concerned with tweaking the world’s ideas about celebrity, and, as Francophrenia helps to get across in a strange fashion, that’s quite respectable.

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