31-year-old Bobbie Kugler has been accused of starting the fire that killed four of her children inside her Rochester home. According to the criminal complaint, Krugler was burning pictures of her boyfriend and then throwing them on a dresser filled with "combustible materials." 

Kugler was arrested last week by Rochester Police and charged with arson and four counts of manslaughter. 14-year-old Gage Reavey, 13-year-old Greg Kugler, 12-year-old Kandee Kugler, and six-year-old Kaiden Kugler all passed away in the fire. Kugler and her 2-year-old son Tyron managed to escape the blaze. 

Though Kugler admitted starting the fire, her mother and stepfather refuse to believe that she started the fire intentionally, and her stepfather questioned the police's logic because the fire began in the back of the house and Kugler's room is in the front. She pleaded not guilty last week, but remains in jail on $300,000 cash bail.

[via WorldStarHipHop and The Huffington Post]

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