Network: VH1 
Stars: Chrissy Lampkin, Olivia Longott, Somaya Reece, Emily Bustamante, Kimbella  Vanderhee, Yandy Smith, Teairra Mari, Erica Mena

Reality TV is generally wack, especially shows that thrust women into the spotlight just for being married to, or having been knocked up by, the right person (see all of those "wives" shows). And we'll be honest, VH1's pièce de résistance, Love & Hip Hop, does exactly that, giving us a look in the lives of rapper's wives (or more often, ultra-long-term girlfriends), but it departs from its predecessors by actually giving insight into the repercussions of being someone's side-piece (uh, we mean side-kick), rather than a legitimate star in your own right, a topic the Kardashians would never be witnessed delving into.

Compelling social commentary aside (which is probably more accidental than anything, anyway), Love & Hip Hop is also as drama-rife as you'd expect it to be, with hair-yanking, attitude clashing, and unfounded jealousy a-plenty. 

Next season, the inevitable chick-on-chick combat will go down in Atlanta, and we can't say whose lady will be in the spotlight, but we do know that the disgruntled divas VH1 rounds up make for an embarrassingly addictive watch.