In 1999, American Pie hit theaters and instantly became one of the classics of the teen comedy genre. The humor was juvenile, the characters were obnoxious, and there were plenty of tasteless moments throughout. In short: It was the type of movie that's impossible not to laugh at, no matter how sophisticated you think you are.

Since then, the franchise has spawned all sorts of sequels and spin-offs to mixed results. The perfect blend of great characters, acting, and writing made the original so memorable; however, once the cast started to abandon the series, things began to fall apart. And since the last installment of the main series, American Wedding, hit theaters in 2003, the actors all went their separate ways. Some of them went on to very lucrative careers, while others spiraled out of control for the entire world to see.

But now the series is getting some new life as the genuinely funny American Reunion is set to hit theaters nationwide tomorrow, featuring the entire original cast from American Pie. To catch you up on the cast’s whereabouts over the past few years, we've assembled a breakdown of the highlights and low-points, which we'd like to call: Reunion Rundown: What Happened To The American Pie Cast?

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