Why do women appear topless in horror movies so often? Hell if we know! Maybe it's meant to serve as a source of joy to offset all that spilled blood. Maybe it's just another method of raising our heart-rates and leaving us with sweaty palms, one of many delectable distractions on the filmmaker's buffet of taboo titillation. Too often, it's to offset a weak-ass plotline.

Really, we don't have any answers for you. Our aim here is not to contemplate, but appreciate the beautiful women who have confidently exposed themselves amidst bloodshed and despite the most trying, often supernatural, circumstances. Mentally unhinged murderer on the loose? Just another reason to let loose—or better yet, let them thangs loose!

In celebration of sexy Australian actress Anna Hutchison's perky pair making a memorable cameo in The Cabin in the Woods, director/co-writer Drew Goddard's phenomenal deconstruction of the horror genre, which features one of the best movie twists ever and already ranks as one of the greatest horror-comedies of all time, we've labored through dozens of disappointing bumps in the night to find the greatest reveals of all time. The result: The 15 Best Topless Moments In Mainstream Horror Movies. Sure, some are gratuitous, but does it really matter?

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Written by Shanté Cosme (@ShanteCosme)

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