Complex writer Nate Denver, who gave us our Mila Kunis and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley cover stories (among others), loves writing—songs, poems, short stories, long stories, interviews, threats, thank you cards, Christmas cards, record reviews, whatever. As a hobby, he started penning 50-word stories with accompanying illustrations, which turned into the 2006 book Wait, You're Not A Centaur (below right). Published by Lamano21 for kicks, the collection was such a success that it put Denver through UCLA Paramedic School and encouraged him to write his follow-up, Haunted Armor, which is expected to drop in November.

"This format, 50-word stories, is completely accessible to writers and readers," says Denver, whose new book features vignettes about everything from attic-basement love and centaurs to Mozart. "People who can't imagine writing a novel can certainly write 50 words. And people who can't imagine, or don't enjoy reading novels, often can read 50 words, especially if the words are organized in a nice way."

His creative work complete, Denver is now trying to raise $10,000 so he can self-distribute the book, because he's "always loved and appreciated DIY projects, and it's never been easier for a person who knows nothing about publishing to make a book." On the funding platformKickstarter, he's asking for pledges of various amounts, with incentives including an electronic version of Haunted Armor for e-readers, a signed copy, a hand-drawn thank-you card, a freestyle battle with the author (our money is on Nate), an uphill footrace, sundae eating, and more. Clearly this is the most fun a book will ever give you.

For more information about Haunted Armor or to make a pledge, visit Nate's Kickstarter page. For more on the author, visit his personal website.

Written by Justin Monroe (@40yardsplash)

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