Lindsay Lohan may not have any upcoming films, but for the first time since 2006, she does have a gig—the fallen starlet will be hosting Saturday Night Live on March 3.

Lohan reportedly reached out SNL's executive producer Lorne Michaels,whom she has referred to in the past as a mentor and father figure, about hosting again and he obliged her. The opportunity to be in the spotlight again will come several weeks shy of her probation's March 29 end date.

Lindsay's new gig, while raising eyebrows, is a good move on both SNL's and Lindsay's end. SNL will undoubtedly draw in many viewers who will tune in to see if Lohan sinks or swims (Will she make fun of herself? Is she at a point yet where her struggle can even be humorous in retrospect?). And of course, Lindsay will actually have a paying job that doesn't require her to take her clothes off. Everybody wins!

[via CNN]