The former G4 host, destined for sitcom stardom with her new Hulu show, Battleground, takes a break from filming to play a round of “Would You Rather.”

This feature appears in Complex's February/March 2011 issue.

I’d rather be Zelda than Princess Peach. I’ve always wanted to be Princess Peach for Halloween, but if I were to be one of them, I’d pick Zelda because Link is way hotter than Mario.

I’d rather have the ability to communicate with animals than control the weather. I always wanted a pet monkey. If I could talk to a monkey, my life would be complete. I’m not interested in training a monkey, like, “Monkey, go get me a beer” but just for hanging out. Someone who gets it when I say, “Oh gosh, Joey on Friends is so hysterical!”

I’d rather swim with sharks than skydive. I do not have a desire to fall long distances. I will swim with sharks, drive in cars at hundreds of miles per hour, even do flips in planes. But what I will not do is fall.

I’d rather lose all of my old memories than never be able to make new ones. I’ve liked my life up until this point, and I’d hate to forget it, but I’d have to go with keeping new memories. Otherwise, there’s no point in living.

I’d rather make someone laugh than move someone to tears. There’s something super artistic and indulgent about being able to move someone to tears but I got into acting to cheer people up, pull them out of their everyday lives, and let them enjoy the moment.

I’d rather have someone take a body shot off me than take it off them. I don’t know what I’m getting into if I have to take it off someone else. There might be body hair involved.

I’d rather date Spider-Man than Thor. Peter Parker makes a better boyfriend than a super narcissistic Norse god. He’s geeky, smart, and still has this fire and passion underneath. He’s also super cute in an emo kind of way. I don’t go for guys that are built. I appreciate that, but I’m not someone who needs it.

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