12. Sony PlayStation Vita

Expected release: February 22, 2012

The true follow-up to the PlaysStation Portable is finally hitting American shores in 2012, and for the looks of it, it will be the portable gaming console to have. Why? Lets start with the display. Sony's outfitting the Vita with a five-inch OLED multi-touch touchscreen that will sport a resolution of 960x554. "Breathtaking" is the word people are using to describe it. Input is handled via the touchscreen, the D-pad, the two analog sticks, the cool rear touchpad, and the PS buttons. Then there's the quad-core ARM processor, and the quad-core graphics processor making sure everything churns smoothly along. Yeah, Sony once again created another proprietary media on which to release games and software, but we won't let that prevent it from being great.