Along with the racing and demolition derby events, Showdown also has a category called “Hoonigan,” which are versions of the Gymkhana car gymnastics events from DiRT 3. “Based on the feedback we got from DiRT 3,” Smith explains, “we knew there were some modes we had to bring back.

“For example,” he explains, “we have one that’s kind of similar to the ‘Invasion’ one from the last game. You’re told, ‘Go after blue,’ and you have to drift around corners and take out the blue markers, and then you’re told, ‘Go after red,’ so you have to go after the red markers.

“Though ‘Head to Head’ is brand new,” he notes. “It’s actually based on Ken Block’s real life Gymkhana grid event. It’s two people tricking at the same time, which means you not only have to do the same tricks better than the other person, but have to make sure you don’t crash into each other at the same time.”