The mention of Roger Corman's name brings up a multitude of merits, but none more often noted than the man's tireless work ethic. For the 85-year-old Corman, filmmaking is a labor of love that has made his prolific reign as B-movie maestro look effortless. This weekend, director Alex Stapleton’s excellent documentary Corman's WorldExploits Of A Hollywood Rebel will illuminate audiences to Corman's laborious fortitude in an industry known for 15-minute stints of success. But it wasn't his endurance alone that earned him the title of a rebel.

Corman might be a B-movie god, but it's his marketing genius that has ultimately earned him the trailblazing title. The man not only knows how to make crazy, eye-grabbing movie posters that would make Don Draper jealous, he's also deft at providing eye candy. In a simple stroke of genius, Corman makes it a routine to cast big-breasted, pouty-mouthed women in an attempt to grab our attention. And it has worked—for decades!

Sure, his approach is flagrantly straightforward (sex sells!), but it works. And these libido-driven tactics, along with the pleasure Corman takes in overturning Hollywood conventions, are what we're saluting today. So tip your hat to the man with the plan in our countdown of The 25 Hottest Women In Roger Corman Movies.