Silent Hill: Book of Memories

Genre: Action

Developer: WayForward Technologies

Publisher: Konami

Experiencing Silent Hill from the isometric perspective might not be what many would expect on the Vita, especially when you think about how well Silent Hill: Origins performed on the PSP while pretty much preserving the familiar third person view.

Book of Memories is a curious take on the series; one that is technically a new adventure, but somehow uses past Silent Hill games as the basis for the "memories." It is nonetheless a Silent Hill I'm hoping to get more hands-on time with. The last Silent Hill game I played was Shattered Memories back in 2009, so I was a bit rusty and forgot about the series' penchant for limited resources (ie. I died a lot). That could certainly change if I did have someone to watch my back.

Konami had only one Vita unit on hand so I couldn't try out the multiplayer co-op mode, a first-time feature for the series. That in itself makes Silent Hill: Book of Memories promising for someone who has bought his share of isometric co-op games in the last couple years.

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