Republican presidential candidate Newt Gingrich should send a fruit basket to the Democratic National Committee for helping him surge in the polls. The big endorsement from the conservative New Hampshire Union Leader helped to boost the former House speaker's chances of ousting Mitt Romney as the GOP nominee for president. And now, Gingrich could be receiving the cherry on the top for his campaign with this scathing attack ad on Romney's record, courtesy of the DNC.

Titled Mitt v. Mitt — the Hollywood styled ad highlights the flip-flop changes Romney has made to his policy positions over the last five years. Along with an accompanying website, Romney's history of shifting positions rightward as he has pursued the presidency become abundantly apparent. With the assistance of a deep-tone voiceover, the clip mocks the former Massachusetts governor as "two men trapped in one body" — a point backed by the likes Jay Leno, Conan O'Brien, and Ronald Reagan.

Watch as you witness Romney's flip-flops on abortion, the economic stimulus package, "Obamacare," global warming, assault weapons, and even his allegiance to Ronald Reagan. Does this ad signal the death knell for Romney? Or will he be able to bounce back from this damning video?

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[via Business Insider]