It is becoming more and more apparent that our system is broken, but President Barack Obama has been doing his best to try and fix things. One of the ways that he has tried to enforce change was to cut back on government waste through something called the "Save Award." Employees who work for Big Brother would partake in a contest whereby submitting ideas could win you an award if your plan can help cut back on small costs.

Today, our 44th Commander-in-Chief will sign an executive order directing agencies to limit costs on a number of things — like travel, smartphones, printed documents and, wait for it... wait for it, "swag." No, this doesn't mean that you can no longer get free White House coffee mugs, but it doesn't look good for those looking to take Obama's spot. The White House defines swag as "the plaques, clothing, and other unnecessary promotional items that agencies purchase" with tax dollars.

With the Executive Order looking to direct the best and biggest in Washington, D.C. to stop swaggin' out—will this latest move help President Obama keep his approval level high? Or will we be cookin' to Hail To The Chief with a new leader of the free world? Share your thoughts in the comments section. 

[via Politico]