Let’s face it: H.R. Pufnstuf contained more drugs references than a Snoop Dog album. The whole show was a brightly-colored trip through the worlds of LSD, marijuana, and probably a pint of Elmer’s glue thrown in for good measure. There were witches, Dragon politicians, and a talking flute; none of which could possibly be created without the aid of some higher influences. But it worked, and kids certainly loved it.

We think a modern, acid-soaked H.R. Pufnstuf flick filled with lethargic characters and talking musical instruments would be just as popular today as the original show was back in the '70s. Imagine Wanda Sykes playing the talking flute and Queen Latifah as a sassy trombone.

Much like the eccentric filmmaker did with Alice In Wonderland and Charlie And The Chocolate Factory, Tim Burton could easily hop aboard Pufnstuf and deliver the type of brain-rattling imagery that would appeal to both children and burnt-out liberal arts majors.