What a difference a year makes. In October of 2010 Microsoft's Internet Explorer and Mozilla's Firefox were the two most dominate web browsers in the world with nearly 50% and 30% of the market, respectively. Fast forward 365 days and things appear to be the same: IE is still the most used browser in the world, followed by Firefox. But if you take a closer look, you'll see things have changed. 

According to a study conducted by website analytics tracker StatCounter, Internet Explorer went from commanding a 49.21 percent market share to 41.66 percent. A great loss, yes, but no need for panic...yet. The folks working on Mozilla's Firefox, on the other hand, should panic as their browser from 31.24 percent to 26.79 percent, putting them right in striking distance of Google's Chrome browser which made the leap from 12.39 percent to 23.61 percent. If Firefox continues its decline and Chrome's ascension goes unchecked, Google's browser could be the second most used by 2012. 

[via The Seattle Times