With Marvel's mega-gargantuan superhero blockbuster The Avengers gearing up to hit theaters next May, many people have been wondering what comics the studio would adapt after they've quickly burned through their roster of A-list heroes. Thankfully, the studio isn't just going to rely on Spandex-clad sequels like Iron Man 3 and Thor 2 in order to maintain their popularity. Marvel's producers are taking a long, hard look at their superhero rolodex and pulling up some surprising names that will soon become full-fledged movie stars, despite their current obscurity. 

One of Marvel's first non-Avengers priorities is Edgar Wright's Ant-Man. According to io9, Wright claims the movie is "still nebulous but definitely in the works," and he has been working with Attack The Block writer-director Joe Cornish on developing the script even further.

In the original comics, Ant-Man, a.k.a. Hank Pym, is a founding member of the Avengers, but in the cinematic world he seems to be absent from the team, save for a possible cameo. But the prospect of an Edgar Wright directed Ant-Man that is of a more comedy than a cliched superhero tale is more than enough to get us excited. 

After that, the studio is planning on exploring the otherworldly aspects of the Marvel Universe by bringing to life The Guardians Of The Galaxy and The Inhumans. Either of these space operas would be a far cry from the typical Marvel formula, but it's unlikely that both get put into development. Io9 reports that both movies are being looked at as a successor to the X-Men franchise of sorts, because of the colorful ensemble cast included in both. 

Unfortunately, there's no word on a Doctor Strange or Luke Cage movie, but it seems that Marvel really wants to step away from traditional heroes and focus on large ensemble movies for the time being. 

[Via io9]