As Seen In: Love Actually (2003)
The Perp: Mark (Andrew Lincoln)

We’ve got to hand it to the guy. Mark’s profession of love to his best friend’s wife might defy all definitions of the "man code," but it’s been a while since we’ve seen such an average-looking dude make women swoon on such a universal level.

Allow us to explain. Empowered by the Christmas spirit, Mark decides to get his feelings for his friend’s lady (Kiera Knightley) off his chest, even though he knows it won’t go anywhere. With a series of sweet-nothings scrawled across pieces of posterboard, he shows up at their door and silently presents his thoughts to her as her husband watches the tube.

Before you go do the same, however, you might want to consider how difficult this would be to pull off in real life. What if the CD with the carolers started skipping? And one might assume that, sooner or later, the significant other is going to angrily shoo the carolers away. Imagine what you’d do to a buddy you found standing there with your girl, holding a “you are perfect” sign, not to mention how bizarre that would objectively look. It's probably best to leave this one to the Brits.