Season: 5
Air Date: October 12, 2008

In this one episode, we got the return of two clowns and one antagonist from the third season who were well received, but whose storylines were exhausted. All things considered, "ReDOMption" should've been too much, but by its end one character was dead, another, Dom (Domenick Lombardozzi) was headed for jail after possibly alienating his family forever, and... Well, Bob (Martin Landau) was still Bob.

We never thought we'd end up feeling sorry for Dom, the gang's would-be fifth member and perennial screwup. The one-two punch of Dom's wife leaving him for getting arrested again and the death of Alan (Paul Ben-Victor), the Warner Bros. studio head who hated Vince's guts, was shocking and way more effective in achieving a rare, somber tone than the sloppy suicide episode from this year's final season, "One Last Shot." Hell, the subplot with Turtle acting as Drama's new assistant even ends on a dour note. Refer critics who claim that Entourage is substance-free to this one.