Season: 4
Air Date: July 1, 2007

There are very few unwatchable episodes of Entourage, mainly because it has a fully functioning ensemble cast. The "A" story may sometimes be stagnant, but you can always count on the comedy duos of Turtle & Drama and/or Ari & Lloyd to salvage the episode.

So even though Vince spends this one mostly just hanging out with Dennis Hopper while he and Eric beef over Billy's cut of Medellin, "Malibooty" is still a classic thanks to comedy team number one's ridiculous dalliance with two '90s party girls that Drama used to know.

Great one-liners are abound here, from Drama's insistence that Turtle's date gives "the best rimjobs in L.A.—just ask Chuck Sheen," or guest star Lisa Rinna's deadpan delivery of "Whaddya say we get out of here and go fuck?" Plus, Ari to Vince, re: Eric's subterfuge: "Do you know that your man broke out of the oompa-loompa factory, and is up to no good?"