In what is perhaps a sign of good will toward nervous hardware manufacturers concerned that Google's recent purchase of Motorola has put them in the backseat, Google is cozying up to Samsung for its next big Android announcement. The company will show off "what's new from Android" at Samsung's Unpacked event in San Diego on October 11.

AllThingsD hears that Google's Android chief Andy Rubin will be on hand at the event to demonstrate the much-anticipated next version of Android, Ice Cream Sandwich. Previously, Eric Schmidt had said that the new OS would appear in October or November.

Ice Cream Sandwich is Google's attempt to consolidate Android across all devices. It's expected to fuse elements from Android Honeycomb for tablets with those of Android Gingerbread, the latest version available for smartphones. Presumably, Samsung has some new devices up its sleeve with which to demonstrate the new software.