Orlando Bloom Talks Katy Perry Relationship, Says He's 'Constantly Learning to Let Go'

The actor was a guest on 'On Purpose with Jay Shetty,' where he looked back on fond lessons from his relationships.

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Being in a relationship with Katy Perry has taught actor Orlando Bloom to be more intentional about how he interacts with her.

The British actor, who's been engaged to Perry for five years and shares a daughter with her, was a recent guest on the podcast On Purpose with Jay Shetty, where he spoke about a huge lesson he's learned from being with the singer.

"I think I'm constantly learning to let go. Because anything that I try to hold onto, whether it's good or bad, doesn't serve me. Not in the relationship, and it doesn't really serve either of us," Bloom said aroung the 44-minute mark of the video below.

"And that's really hard," he continued. "To keep letting go and to keep letting her go."

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"I think when you are in a deeply loving, committed relationship, you want to control or own or have and, you know, even just letting go of ideas, how things should be, or the idea of what intimacy or intimate moments are to you versus them, or whatever it may be," Bloom added

Since the couple has been together for nearly a decade, they've learned plenty about each other, especially in terms of support. "Because you've chosen that person, you are on a journey with that personn," he explained. "You are gonna learn this lesson. And if you've chosen that person, then that's the person you're gonna learn that lesson with. I mean, that's the opportunity, right?"

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Bloom's new docuseries, Orlando Bloom: To the Edge, sees him take on death-defying stunts, which Perry addressed in a recent interview.

"Every time he called me I was just thanking god. At the end of the day he gives me a call when they're shooting those things. It was like, 'There it is! It's his number,'" Perry told Entertainment Tonight.

"I can't stop him, and I just want to let him know, honey, I'm impressed and I'm proud of you," she continued. "I'm so impressed with you. Please don't ever do this again. If that was all to impress me, you did it. Now stop."

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