Show: The Simpsons
Banking On: $400,000 per episode
Worth the Investment? Yes
Complex Says: Consider this: The Simpsons doesn’t only hold the title of TV’s longest running cartoon—it’s also the longest running comedy on the air. When it comes to solid wit, most shows can barely stay consistent for two seasons, let alone twenty-plus years, so bow down. And we challenge you to try and picture this classic with another Marge. It can’t even be done.

Think of how outraged you’ve been in the past by instances in which some mediocre substitute was none-too-subtly swapped in for an iconic character, with Hollywood hoping no one would notice. Julie Kavner’s been doing us all a favor by staying in the game as long as she has, breathing life into our favorite TV wifey from day one. What Marge wants, Marge gets!