Show: Two And A Half Men
Banking On: $700,000 per episode
Worth The Investment? No
Complex Says: It’s hard to believe that Kutcher’s made the leap from hawking cameras to the highest paid actor in TV comedy in such a short period of time. Obviously CBS needs a hero to step in and save the show in the wake of Sheen’s firing, and we can’t blame them for opting for an actor with appeal to a younger set, which could help the sitcom double its life-span presuming the kiddies embrace Ashton in his new role.

But $700k per ep? While it doesn’t touch what the original million-plus Charlie Harper was bringing home, something about it just feels…wrong. Kinda like the Friends With Benefits No Strings Attached star came into money rather than working his way up the ranks, like some of the other top entertainers who got shafted from the list. Now to see if the Punk’d creator can fill Sheen’s crazy-ass shoes.