Song: "Wu-Gambinos" (1995)

One could say that The Killer (1989) is a thematic blueprint for OB4CL, as both the hired assassin "Jeffrey" (played by Chow Yun-Fat) in John Woo's film and the street pharmacists duo of Rae and Ghost are characters who vow to make one last run in their respected professions before calling it quits. RZA blends in portions of the movie throughout the LP so that the album takes on the feel of an ancient fable being told, even though The Killer takes place in modern times.

As effective as it is being a mood setter, the flick also works well as simple background noise while Wu members chatter amongst themselves at the start of "Wu-Gambinos." For this track, we're treated to a fly on the wall experience and can't help but grin when an excited Rae tries to get Starks to watch the TV set we cannot see and Ghost admonishes him for putting his feet on the table. The scene Lex Diamonds is pointing out is when former hired gun Sydney Fung (Kong Chu) gives Jeffrey his final assignment: kill a so-called Tony Weng, who works for for a drug ring in Central America.

"Who wants to kill him?" Jeffrey asks. "No information. Say yes or no," is the response. After Jeffrey states he wants $1.5 million, Sydney accepts, then opens a brief case full of guns, claiming, "They're all clean. No serial numbers. Untraceable. And they're explosive head bullets, you're favorite." As Jeff handles the firearms, he confesses: "I felt someone walk over my grave." Seconds later, the Chef starts a Wu role call, as the Clan gear up to deliver one more explosive hit of their own.