Song: "Chuckie" (1991)

When Bushwick Bill of the Geto Boys decided to unofficially adopt the evil Chucky doll from Child's Play (1988) as his perverse mascot, it made perfect sense. After all, the dreadlocked dwarf, one of the most unique figures hip-hop has ever been lucky to witness, is himself a short-sized raving lunatic on records, a pioneer of horrorcore rap who once heard would never be forgotten.

For its part, the Good Guy doll Chucky possessed by the sociopath Charles Lee Ray (voiced with gusto by Brad Dourif) is equally entertaining in a vulgar, don't-give-a-fuck way, cracking one liners before stabbing you in the heart. On "Chuckie," Bill envisions himself as lunatic action figure and goes (just like you would expect) on a maniacal killing spree. The entire length of the song is littered with memorable quotes from the psychotic plaything ("Hi, I'm Chucky. Wanna playyyyyyyyy?") and the blood curdling screams of victims. Bushwick's sick rhymes ("I told you size wasn't shit that's why I murdered your nieces/Was my fault they found they head cut in 88 pieces") and Dourif going ballistic ("I'll teach you to fuck with me!" "I'm gonna get you no matter what!" "You have a date with death!") is so outlandish it's pretty comical until little Andy Barclay's (Alex Vincent) frightened voice is heard pleading, "But Chucky is here! And he's going to kill me!" No kidding around, this is some sick, No One Under 17 Admitted shit.