Song: "A to the K" (1993)

The old school era wasn't all parties and park jams. Case in point, the close call graf artist Zoro (Lee) and reporter Virginia (Deborah Harry stand-in Patti Astor) experience when BX stick up kids decide it's time to tax. "Look people, you heard it on the radio and you seen it on the TV show," says the first sheisty individual (Kennedy Lee Howard). "A to the K?" asks the second unidentified homie. "A to the motherfuckin' Z," says Pookie (Vernon Daniels) before pulling out an authentic sawed-off shotgun. Luckily, the friendly Phade (Fab 5 Freddy) shows up to save the day.

As it turns out, according to director Charlie Ahearn, the trio who portrayed the hoodlums were just local folks hanging around the location that particular night while Wild Style (1983) was being shot. Their memorable lines were not pre-written nor rehearsed, the cats just brought the realness themselves (including the heat). Cypress Hill could feel the real. Ten years later they jacked the confrontational dialogue for the start of "A to the K" and then appropriated the ill speak for the hook. Boo-ya!