True Blood, creator Alan Ball’s edgy HBO hit that’s become synonymous with uncompromising carnage and coitus (of the hot, sweaty vampire variety), has recently become known for something else: A clear “no creature left behind” policy when it comes to its inclusion of supernatural supporting characters. The last few seasons introduced us to a plethora of weird beings that made the vamp-targeting serial killer in the first seem tame by comparison.

Forget the usual bloodsuckers and werewolves—you’ll now more likely find the residents of Bon Temps, Louisiana, locking lips and limbs with maenads, brujas, faeries, and were-panthers (really?), with more strange creatures and ghoulish folks surely on the way (in our recent interview with Ball, he said he wants to get even lesser-known creatures on the show). In honor of the fourth season's premiere this Sunday night, Complex suggests 10 supernatural creatures that we’d like to see unleashed on Bon Temps in years to come. Sookie sookie now!

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