Last week millions saw Apple enter the dysfunctional world of South Park, resulting in one of the more controversial and disturbing Apple spoofs of all time. Matt and Trey meshed together the company’s corporate infrastructure and its iPad tablet, along with the Dutch horror film, The Human Centipede, to create Apple’s next great invention: the HUMANCENTiPAD. Yeah, pretty sick.

But before SP creators Matt Stone and Trey Parker incorporated their on twists, there have been several others programs that whipped up some memorable sketches and storylines, producing some of the most hilarious Apple farces seen on the idiot box. From late night sketch shows, animated comedies, pop culture news programs, and even reality shows—the best in primetime comedy have gone in on the biggest tech company and its chief. So put down the iGadget for a few and entertain yourself with the 12 Funniest Apple Parodies Ever Seen On TV