Legendary sexpot Jenna Jameson may join the cast of Island of the Damned, a sequel to the Serbian zombie horror film Zone of the Dead, which stars Ken Foree (Dawn of the Dead). Looking to bring some life to the undead project, there have been some drastic changes to the plot since last year, when it was originally titled Wrath of the Dead.

According to Blic Online, Foree is reprising his role as Agent Mortimer Reyes, who is called to the Indonesian island of Bawean to rescue "porn divas" from the walking brain munchers. Blic's report also states that Jameson, who starred in 2008's horror comedy Zombie Stripperswill star, but it appears to just be "early talks" as co-director Milan Todorovic says he would "love" the Queen of Porn to be featured in the film.

Jameson and her porn playgirl colleagues would be playing themselves with Ken Foree calling the money shots as a producer. Someone grab the fake blood and the baby oil stat!