Assassinated By: Luther, leader of the Rogues gang
Cause of Death: Gunshot

Walter Hill's cult gem The Warriors has its fair share of colorful characters, from the Baseball Furies to the sexy but deadly Lizzies, yet Gramercy Riffs honcho Cyrus has lasted in the pop culture lexicon longer than most despite only a few minutes of screen time. And that's thanks to four oft-quoted words: "Can you dig it?" But then comes weasel Luther, who disrupts Cyrus' peaceful assembly by assassinating the man on the pulpit.

Cyrus' downfall is the impetus of the film's action, with the Warriors being framed for the murder and chased around New York City by an assortment of imaginative gang types. Eventually, Luther shows back up in another climactic scene, saying an equally memorable catchphrase of his own: "Warriors, come out and play-ay!" Maybe Luther killed Cyrus just so he could emerge as the movie's most quoted character; if so, what a petty bitch.