One of the biggest gripes with Yakuza 3 game was that the developer switched up the Tokyo setting from the glitz and glamour of Tokyo and Osaka to an orphanage in Okinawa. Let's just say loyal Western perverts fans were displeased that developers took away the ability to edit their cabaret hostesses—a series staple—when they ported the game for American audiences. Take heart in knowing that it's back. In fact, your character owns his own cabaret club this time around, which means that once you scout and train a girl to be the No. 1 hostess (which will earn you a nice bronze PS3 trophy as well), you'll be able to talk, ogle, and talk some more with her whenever you want. Oh, did we mention you can play dress-up with her as well?! Okay, not that exciting, but it's fun nonetheless, even if a bit creepy. Promise!