We all wish we could could have gorgeous, original artwork on our walls, but few of us have the funds or resources to make it happen. Artsicle, a New York-based startup that just went live, wants to change all that.

The idea behind Artsicle is a basic try-before-you-buy model with the added fixed rate and flexibility of a Netflix subscription plan. Pay Artsicle $50 per month and you can try any of the original art in their collection delivered for free and for as long as you want-- with the option to exchange it for something else should you get bored. If you decide you really like a particular piece, you can buy it from Artsicle and add it to a collection of your own.

Artsicle aims to help both emerging artists and budding collectors connect with each other in a way that's mutually beneficial. Whether or not it succeeds depends on whether it can sustain interest from both sides.

If you live in the NY area, you can try Artsicle starting today.