Location: 140 Main Street, Buffalo
Opened: 1940
Demolished: 2009
Current Status: Pavement
Nickname: "The Aud"
Famed Tenants: Buffalo Sabres (NHL) (1970-1996), Buffalo Braves (NBA) (1970-1978)

Iffy Neighborhood Multi-Sport Lovable Dump

Buffalo fans are very protective of their teams and their arenas, and this one was no exception. Host to the legendary "Fog Game" in the 1975 Stanley Cup Finals (short story: May heat + ice = spooky hockey (and one dead bat). One of the most intimate arenas in hockey, the Aud was left to rot after the Sabres moved to HSBC Arena in 1996, until recently when it finally came down. And yes, everyone in Buffalo cried into their wings that night.