3. Matthew Perry (Chandler Bing)

Biggest W since Friends: Matthew Perry’s new show Mr. Sunshine is premiering, and we don’t know yet how it will do with ratings, but the reviews have been positive as you can see here, here, and here. He also got nominated for an Emmy and a Golden Globe some years back for his performance in the TNT original movieThe Ron Clark Show.
Biggest L since Friends: He pitched The End of Steve, a dark comedy pilot he wrote, to Showtime. The network passed.
Noticeable relationships: Perry is still single and hasn’t had anything noticeable poppin' since the end of the show. We're not saying he's gay...but we would for a million page views!
Public scandals: Perry has been clean as a whistle. It’s surprising considering we had him number one on our “most likely to go all Todd Bridges on us” list, especially after multiple stints in rehab earlier in his career.
Complex says: It seems like after the show ended he tried a little of everything and was successful at nothing (with the exception of the voice work he did on the Fallout: New Vegas video game). His lack of a presence in TV and film has been probably the most shocking out of all the cast considering that during Friends he was actually getting pretty steady movie work (The Whole Nine Yards was a minor hit and Fools Rush In wasn’t terrible). With that being said, whether it be because we haven't seen lot of him, or we recognize his talent, and enjoy his cynical humor, we still think he has the most upside out of all the cast.