5. Matt LeBlanc (Joey Tribbiani)

Biggest W since Friends: Matt LeBlanc is currently playing Matt LeBlanc, the asshole former star of Friends, in the surprisingly good Showtime comedy Episodes.
Biggest L since Friends: His spinoff sitcom, Joey, was a major fail that only lasted two years and forever ended the Friends legacy on a shitty note.
Noticeable relationships: He has been dating Andrea Anders, an actress he met on the set of Joey.
Public scandals: LeBlanc was married to Melissa Withstood for three years before he just got up and left. He reportedly left her to start dating Anders. Around this time he also publicly denounced a rumor that was started by his ex-chauffeur, who said the actor used to entertain “gay hustlers” in his limousine. Oh, that Joey was always getting into so much mischief!
Complex says: LeBlanc was being banked on to be the Frasier of Friends with his spin-off, Joey. The problem, though, was that the show fucking sucked. And it wasn’t just him. The whole thing, from the writing to the set-up (an overeating, oversexed actor trying to transition from NY to LA) to the obvious humor was a turd. Still, with Episodes breathing new life into his career, he's beginning to recover.