Best known for directing 2010's indie motion picture Monsters, Gareth Edwards seems ready for the task ahead. Speaking with Shock Till You Drop, Edwards discussed his plans for the Godzilla franchise reboot to which he's currently attached. 

gareth edwardsAlthough some folks looking for creature overload gave the heavy human drama in Monsters mixed reviews, the film's ending—a stunner featuring a couple of great-looking, and gigantic, alien beasts—suggests that Edwards could deliver some insane thrills with $130 million and a Diddy co-sign. Mum's the word when it comes to specific Godzilla details, but the fanboy does know how important it is to get Gojira "right". "I guess I will say I'm highly aware," he says. "Everyone involved is incredibly aware of everyone's opinions on what this film has to do and what it has to be. And no one will do anything but the right thing."

With Monsters out now on DVD and Blu-ray, you can judge for yourself whether the British filmmaker has the skills to bring back a classic.

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