Appearing in the Roman Army action banger Centurion in August, Olga Kurylenko is ready to bring the pain to the competition.

By Joe La Puma; Photography by Jon Compson
Hottest Olga on the Planet? With apologies to the lovely ladies at, we're going to give the crown to Ms. Olga Kostyantynivna Kurylenko. And before you go calling that faint praise, dig this: Olga's hotness is well rounded (of course, it's not the only thing about her that is). She speaks five languages, has no problem with being nude (if it's done tastefully, of course), and has had enough combat training to beat up your favorite rapper's favorite weed carrier. The 30-year-old Ukrainian's next role is playing the bad (as in real bad) girl in this summer's Centurion, and we got with her to talk about her ideal man, doing the splits, and being a badass. Cue your O-Face.
You've said that a funny and intellectually stimulating man turns you on, and that you don't care about looks. That's bull, right? Why do all beautiful women say that?
Olga Kurylenko:LaughsLaughs
Well, I know I'm funny, and I can always fake the ugly part.
Olga Kurylenko:haveLaughs
Duly noted. So in Centurion, you play the leader of a band of soldiers, and of course you were a Bond girl in Quantum of Solace. Are you worried about being typecast as a badass?
Olga Kurylenko:wasLaughs
I guess that depends on your definition of “badass.” But you've had a ton of fight training for your action flicks. You could definitely kick some ass, right?
Olga Kurylenko:really
Uh… [Stammers.] Have you always been like that?
Olga Kurylenko:Laughs
And now I can't think straight. Last question: How does it feel to know that you're the sexiest Olga on the planet?
Olga Kurylenko:Laughs