Creative Direction by Hush; Photography by Matt Doyle

For our annual Style & Design package, we selected four artists and paired them with four models to create four unique fusions of style and sex appeal. One person we knew we had to get down with is Hush, the British street artist who's famous for incorporating sexy manga-inspired ladies into his work. To bring his cartoon muses to life, he linked up with Brooklyn-based model Melody to create the exclusive image you see above. Watch a "making of" video below to see Hush in action, then read on to get to know Melody a bit better with an interview and additional photos...




Photos By Jason Konrad. Click on an image to view full-size.

Name: Melody 

Birthplace: Pennsylvania
Age: 24

How were you discovered? I wish I could say I was one of the lucky ones who got discovered at a mall, eating fast food, or at a fruit stand, but I pursued modeling by going to Model Search America and found an agent there. 

What's the nerdiest thing about yourself? I stay in on Friday and Saturday night and watch "Whose Line Is It Anyway" my DVR'd "Simpsons" and "AFV"

What was the most enjoyable thing about this shoot? Just being a part of such a cool collaboration with Hush was pretty amazing and everyone I worked with made me feel so comfortable

What's your good-luck ritual when you go on a call? I don't really have one, just hope I do well and try to give people a good sense of who I am in the short amount of time I have

What kind of guys hit on you the most? Oh boy, I don't know where to start with that one. I can't say there is any one "kind" of guy, I mean, everyone loves an Asian girl, right? Hah.

If you weren't a model, what other profession would you want? I would love to be involved in politics. I can't help but notice there is a lack of female representation in politics so if I can be just one more female voice, that would be cool.

What's the sneakiest way you've ever used your looks to get over? I don't like to use my looks to get anything, at least intentionally. But I have had friends use me to ask for favors for them, like if a guy friend needs to bum a cigarette, he has me ask. I guess my odds are better.
If you could guest star in a music video, whose would it be? Wow, I could think of a lot. It's an old video, but the first thing I could think of is Ricky Martin's "She Bangs" video where that girl is going crazy, I would want to be that girl. She's just rocking out and looking hot doing it.

What's your least favorite thing about yourself? My feet, but that's a general dislike. I have no idea what nice feet look like because, to me, they are all just gross.

What's your favorite night-time hangout? Home, wherever it may be, it's the best place to hangout. Right now it's my apartment in Brooklyn. After a long day, I love going home and sitting on my couch, ahhhhhhhh.

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