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Another week, another great batch of new songs.

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Best Songs of the Week June 15 2018

With so much good music, it's easy to miss some of the best. To help prevent this, we've rounded up the best new songs of the week. Here are the songs you can't afford to skip, in no particular order.

Jay Rock ft. Kendrick Lamar - "Wow Freestyle"

jay rock

Jay Rock provides a wide range of styles on Redemption, but he still sounds most comfortable alongside his Black Hippy associates. "Wow Freestyle" features an irresistible flute sample from Hit-Boy and G Day, which provides ample room and energy for Jay and Kendrick to trade verses with increasing intensity. It's a fun, giddy track that showcases the pair's indestructible chemistry and serves as a worthy sequel to "King's Dead."—Graham Corrigan

Mura Masa ft. Octavian - "Move Me"

Mura Masa

Nothing has slowed British artist Octavian down since he released "Party Here" towards the end of 2017. Each new track is a reminder of the rapper's restless creativity and ability to switch between razor-sharp rapping and melodic deliveries with ease. March release "Hands," which eschewed rapping for singing, was especially impressive, and this week Octavian returned with British producer Mura Masa. The beat bumps and Octavian goes off again, confirming his status as one of the exciting artists out.—Alex Gardner

2 Chainz ft. Drake & Quavo - "Bigger Than You"


Sometimes marquee posse cuts inspire the MCs to push one another to new lyrical heights, and sometimes it’s just a blast to hear people with clear chemistry go on cruise control and flex a little. “Bigger Than You,” the new single from 2 Chainz, Drake, and Quavo, falls more in the latter camp, as the trio of superstars take turns stunting with impunity. 2 Chainz takes first place for referencing his commendable decision to tour in a wheelchair instead of canceling shows when he broke his leg, and for dropping a pair of particularly clever Juvenile references in his final couplet. Drake, who’s clearly on a nostalgia kick this week with the Degrassi reunion themed “I’m Upset” video, reflects on the days when he had a pre-paid phone and was still figuring out how to sing. There isn’t a confirmed release date for 2 Chainz’s Rap or Go to the League yet, but if “Bigger Than You” is any indication then we’re in for a slew of his signature bangers when it finally does drop.—Grant Rindner

MorMor - "Waiting on the Warmth"


Toronto artist MorMor debuted with the delicate, alternative pop of "Heavens Only Wishful" and followed up with another winner, "Whatever Comes To Mind." His new single, "Waiting On The Warmth," starts slow but bursts to life with a huge, technicolor chorus.

"A lot of my inspiration stems from wanting to share a perspective of Toronto that I feel hasn’t been represented," MorMor told us. "I’m glad Toronto is getting a lot of attention right now, but my experience of the city that has shaped me isn’t really part of the story yet."

MorMor's Heaven's Only Wishful EP is out June 22.—Alex Gardner

Nas - "Adam & Eve"


The new Nas album, his first since 2012's Life is Good, arrives during a whirlwind of hype around Kanye-assisted projects. The buzz behind Kanye's new album, the Kanye and Cudi album, and Pusha T's album is still percolating, but Nas shifted attention to himself with the announcement of the Kanye-produced NASIR and a striking album cover shared on Thursday night. It's hard to judge the project based off the live stream playback of Nas' listening event, but the second song, "Adam & Eve," is already a new addiction. Over a piano loop fit for a Western flick, Nas' sharp lyricism and slick confidence remove all doubt that the 44-year-old Queens representative has still got it.—Jacob Moore

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Rico Nasty ft. BlocBoy JB - "In The Air"

Rico Nasty "Nasty"

Maryland rapper Rico Nasty's new project Nasty is her first release with Atlantic, and she's capitalized on the buzz of 2017 mixtape Sugar Trap 2 with an energetic and consistent release. Her raw, brash rap style finds a perfect partner in Memphis rising star BlocBoy JB, who comes through with another personality packed verse over a fist pumping beat from frequent collaborator Tay Keith.—Alex Gardner

GoldLink ft. Miguel - "Got Friends"


The thought of a GoldLink and Miguel collaboration just makes sense, and "Got Friends" doesn't disappoint. The song is the phrase "tell a friend to bring a friend" is the form of a song, and the results are inviting enough to make you want to do exactly that. Miguel's velvety voice owns the catchy hook while GoldLink effortlessly floats right over the bouncy production once again. This is a duo I'd love to hear more from, but for now I'm thankful to be able to play this single on repeat.—Adrienne Black

Obongjayar - "Adjacent Heart"


"Adjacent Heart" is a jazzy, free form meditation on love and companionship. Over lush production by Paul White, Obogjayar's gruff, spoken word poetry and airy, delicate singing bloom side by side, providing surprising twists and turns throughout the entire song. He describes the song as "all about taking time, being attentive to love and being loved—whatever that means to you. It’s about recognizing and appreciating the tiniest things that can make all the difference.” From his solo work to collaborations with Richard Russell and his own club night in London, 2018 is shaping up nicely for Obongjayar.—Alex Gardner

Lou The Human - "Play Your Part"

lou the human press 2018

"I work better when my heart is broken," Lou The Human raps at the top of a track that includes references to Kurt Cobain and '02-era Eminem. In a nutshell, that's what I love so much about his songs. Lou is far from anything you could label "soft," but like Cobain and Eminem, he's at his best when he's tapping into an emotional place and communicating those feelings through raw, visceral music. It's easy to get caught up in the Selena Gomez references and the wild characters he comes up with, but at the core of every Lou The Human song is an intelligent young rapper working through real, personal issues in his own unique way. "Play Your Part" is no exception.—Eric Skelton

Girl Unit ft. Kelela - "WYWD (Remix)"

kelela westward music festival

Kelela released her official debut album via Warp last year, and "WYWD" is the first new music we've heard from her since then. The song is a collaboration with British producer Girl Unit, and it will be the lead single from his upcoming album. It's also a perfect warm weather jam for anyone who wants something more interesting than the latest formulaic EDM producer/pop singer radio fodder.

“After Cut 4 Me came out we had a few more sessions to come up with demos for future Kelela releases. 'WYWD' was one of them,” London producer and DJ Girl Unit told i-D. “Originally it started out as a ballad with just three chords but I felt the song had potential to go elsewhere, with a much brighter feel, which led me in this deep/funky house direction. I'd been reminiscing on that sound for a while.”—Alex Gardner