"I don't know how to talk about making the music," says Remi Wolf. "I just made it and it was done. Kinda like when you take a shit. So, these songs are my cute little shits and y'all are my lawn!"

Rising Los Angeles-based artist Remi Wolf may not overanalyze her music, but her EP You're A Dog! is proof that whatever she's doing, it's working. She's already taken to stages alongside Still Woozy and Cautious Clay, and her project is an eclectic, colorful collection of songs that shows both impressive range and idiosyncratic charisma. From the soulful, lowkey funk of "Sauce" and "Guy" to the ridiculously catchy "Shawty," Wolf's music is fun and immediate but never basic.

The fact that it's performing so well is also a sign of the times, when the perception of pop music is being edited in real time. Even just a few years ago, Remi Wolf's music might have sounded like left-of-center indie—today it sounds like it could be the first chapter of an emerging new star's career.

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