The Google Arts & Culture app is currently #1 on the iOS App Store and Google Play Store. One would hope this is because the world is yearning to become more cultured, but sadly that's not the case. People are eating Tide Pods, folks, and people are also only downloading the Arts & Culture app because of a newly added feature that allows users to upload a selfie, and find out what historical painting best matches it.

So, of course we had to download it and try it for ourselves. Then, we also had to find out what paintings best match our favorite rappers. The results are pretty entertaining. Check out the images below.

kevin abstract google app
Kevin Abstract
trippie redd google app
Trippie Redd
future google app
rich brian google app
Rich Brian
lil wayne google app
Lil Wayne
jay z google app
cardi b google app
Cardi B
pump google app
Lil Pump
jaden smith google app
Jaden Smith
kanye google app
Kanye West
drake google app
kendrick lamar google app
Kendrick Lamar
eminem google app
post malone google app
Post Malone
young thug google app
Young Thug

The Young Thug one didn't seem right, so I put it in again and got this:

goat google app