The official Fall chill seems to be hitting everyone this past week, but don’t fret: we’ve got a heaping helping of fresh EDM to keep you warm. We’re a little mix-heavy this week, too, with podcasts and mixtapes from John B, Lil Silva, LX One, and more, free EPs from Kid Cedek & Dev79, and a special preview of the next Brookes Brothers single as well. Don’t delay – grab your tumbler, pour up something brown and let’s dive in!

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Brookes Brothers – “The Blues”
Breakbeat Kaos definitely kept this clip short, but you get the idea. The Brookes Brothers finally put out their debut, self-titled album last year and took the Bass Music scene by storm. They seem to bring a new meaning to the term “anthemic,” as every new track they release, regardless of BPM, brings hands (and lighters) immediately into the air. This track plays perfectly on its title, with a choice blues vocal used alongside the funky bass they crafted. Expect this to hit stores in November as the b-side to “Loveline.”

Neighbourhood Podcast, Vol. 1: LX One
These days, most any entity has a podcast. Neighbourhood is a club night over in Europe, catering to progressive EDM sounds as well as bringing in something that’s either off the normal path for a DJ, or harkens back to older styles and sounds. They have a keen ear for dope selectors, and LX One (aka MC Joker D) was a great choice to kick off their podcast series. Since getting his name out there as a producer, he’s brought some futuristic, subdued dubstep to the scene, and that sound is exactly what you get with this. Droning, deep dub vibes run throughout in the name of exclusive, currently unreleased dubplates in his bag. If Skrillex or Bassnectar are your only dubstep talking points, dig into this mix and explore the other side.

Hesk & Paveun – React EP
Welcome to the Juke/Footwork side of things. Footwork (or Juke, or Juke House) is seen by many as a pretty “underground” style of dance music. Borrowing from the house scene, footwork/juke operates in a spectrum all its own. Known for deep bass that is just as intense as it is understated, this sound is built on these frantic beats, interesting hip-hop vocal samples and loads of percussion. Planet Mu has released a number of footwork EPs and compilations over the last few years, and the movement definitely has legs – although you get the feeling that the scene isn’t really trying to blow up, just keep the people dancing. Hesk and Paveun are a couple of vets within the scene, and their React EP dropped for free via Raw Records this week, and it’s a great primer for the uninitiated. The title track is bound to get you moving, and you’ll find familiar samples in both “Show It” and “She Want Dat.” Don’t sleep!

John B Podcast 96: October 2012 Studio Mix
John B is one of the drum & bass scene’s most original artists, both in his character and his musical style. While he started out as more of a purveyor of the jazzier side of the dnb scene, he started to come into his own as an individual, which reflected in his style of dress (really ’80s glammed up, make-up and wild hair included) and his music, which started to catapult the trance-y side of dnb into the stratosphere. Trance ‘N’ Bass, Electrostep and other names have encapsulated what he creates, but really he’s just exploring his influences and bringing those who might not be full-on dnb heads into his cipher based on those interests. The 96th edition of his podcast series touches a load of talented producers, from Dillinja and Need For Mirrors to The Upbeats and S.P.Y. Oddly enough, we don’t get much of his own original productions in this mix, but that’s fine – go back through his older shows and you’ll find something of his to latch on to.

DOWNLOAD John B Podcast 96: October 2012 Studio Mix

Aylen – “007 Trap”
You thought you’d get away with not getting any Trap this week, didn’t you?! This one comes from NJ producer Aylen, who Trap’d the James Bond “007 Theme.” Once we heard the drop in this one, there was no way we could avoid replaying this. The theme is so classic, and just bouncing that one strum? Murder on the dancefloor.

Paris Trillton – Wild Trvp Party Promo Mix
“Paris Trillton,” with all of the wild characters replacing real letters in our English alphabet, was one of the things that we weren’t feeling with the Trap scene when it started. Not Paris Trillton in particular, but the legion of producers who were jacking UZ’s unique style. We don’t want to see a style and sound die out because everyone is on some copycat status, but thankfully, the music is speaking way louder than the triangles and other assorted images can ever be. This promo mix is for a forthcoming “Wild Trvp” party going down overseas, but the bass translates. Cuts from Flosstradamus, Bro Safari and more are featured. Workout to this.


1 Flosstradamus – DEAF
2 JumoDaddy – Summer Jam (Pigeonfox Remix)
3 Afruxx – You’re So Lame (Ft. Rose Erin)
4 XX-Intro (KO Remix)
5 Face Melt Chicago – Maker – Money Fight EP – 01 Face Down
6 Afruxx – Grind (Original Mix)
7 Alex Supremee & Thorn on a Rose-Goons Anthem
8 Bro Safari – That A$$
9 Ganja (Original Mix)
10 Goldhammer – Caiko Store
11 MKM GlitznGlam – ‘8Bawl’
12 Blackwax – Trapped Dub
13 +Verb – Trill Lyf (ELOQ REMIX)
14 ETC!ETC! & Brillz & Diplo – Bueller (Original) ft Whiskey Pete
15 Pull Up (SNAILS vs OOKAY Remix)
16 Ezekiel – Drop Ur Ass (ELOQ Remix)

Kid Cedek – Circus Freaks EP
Earlier this week, Atlanta’s Kid Cedek dropped his Circus Freaks EP for free download. In two words, it rocks. He’s got it all: slices of moombahton, dubstep, trap and other EDM styles via his original tracks and remixes from the likes of ETC!ETC!, Sazon Booya and plenty more. These are the tracks that are definitely set to get the party moving, be it just you and a few of your friends or a crowded basement, lights turned off and people turnt up. We have to admit – the original versions stand heads above the remixed versions, but there’s something for everyone in this pack right here.

Dev79 – Sweating At The Seams EP
Alongside Starkey, Dev79 has been a proponent for the “street bass” sound coming out of Philly. That moniker has essentially been applied to varying forms of bass music that maintain a street/gritty edge, be it dubstep, grime or any other BPM that maintains that flavor. For his latest three-track EP, he’s brought forth what he’s been calling “some weirdo emo bass shit,” taking his normal party-rocking beats into deeper territory. With the Fall weather kicking into high gear, and more of you clutching your whiskey like your favorite teddy, this might be the soundtrack to lonely nights spent digging out your winter sweaters, wrapped in your quilt, testing out last year’s designs.

DOWNLOAD Dev79 – Sweating At The Seams EP

Trap Magazine Mixtape 002: Lil Silva
Lil Silva‘s one of those producer/DJ types that’s pretty undeniable. The “d” in EDM stands for dance, and once you press play, that’s exactly what you’ll be doing. And don’t let the name fool you: while this is  a mixtape for Trap magazine, but this isn’t the EDM Trap sound. We go from the 120BPM range to cuts from Azealia Banks, “Mercy,” Mosca, Disclosure and many more. This might be THE pick for your alcohol-induced debauchery.


Kodiak – Spreo Superbus (Girl Unit Remix)
DVA – Fly Juice
Addison Groove – Melody
Home Early – Pedro 123 (Remix)
Trevino – Tweakonomics
Disclosure – Tenderly
Pearson Sound – Clutch
Addison Groove – Ass Jazz
Azealia Banks – Liquorice
Hannah Wants – Call It Fate
Lil Silva – Gobble That
Kanye West, Big Sean, Pusha T & 2 Chainz – Mercy
Julio Bashmore – Au Seve
KW Griff ft Pork Chop – Bring In The Katz
We Work Night – The Quiff
TEED – Household Goods (Lil Silva Remix)
Leon Vynehall – Don’t Know Why
Synkro – Look At Yourself
Leon Vynehall – Gold Language
Mosca – Dom Perignon
Werkha – Le Roitelet

Larson Jackum – Subway XL3 Promo Mix
If there’s one mix you listen to out of this entire post, it should be this one. Forget the fact that we have no idea who Larson Jackum is. Don’t worry about the fact that the party will more than likely be underway by the time you grab this mix (and if you’re flying with us, you’re not even in the same country the party will be held in). But in 24 minutes, this Rotterdam DJ brings some of the tastiest grime straight to your face. Trust, if you want something heavy to mosh to? Or some aggressive bass to hit the heavybag to? Look no further.


01. Royal T & Terror Danjah – Music Box
02. Swifta Beater – Fire
03. Faze Miyake & Preditah – Take off VS Gargoyle
04. Mr. Mitch – Tash Wax
05. J Sweet – Kerb (Starkey REMIX)
06. Deset – Troll
07. Faze Miyake – Tom & Jerry
08. Alias – Joker
09. BigDeann – Yellow Diamonds (Myth dubz)
10. BigDeann – Yellow Diamonds VS 8 bar Mucktion (vocalled)