UPDATED 8/25, 1:33 p.m. ET: Yung Bleu posted and deleted an Instagram statement that further addressed the accusations of racial profiling he made against Georgia police officers.

In a screenshot captured by SayCheeseTV, the statement read, “I apologize for taking my anger out on the Gainsville police department. Instead of the business who lied and manipulated the situation. I was embarrassed and in disbelief of what happened so I directed My energy towards the wrong people. My energy will now be directed towards Absolute trailers because there lies could have turned to a possible deadly situation for Me. Officers were moving off what they were told by this establishment. That I was a ‘Fradulent Thief’ before even knowing my name or interacting with us.”

The statement reiterated that Bleu plans to stand by his word. “No Im not being quite! I’m not letting this slide and blow over. That can open the door for more ignorance in the community that can be more dangerous to those after me. I will use my platform to make an example and create possible change in this community for good.”

Bleu closed by saying he “will be suing Absolute trailers for Discrimination and profiling,” and that “hopefully this promotes fair service to all black peoples in this community.”

It’s unclear why he decided to delete the post.

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Yung Bleu has alleged that Gainesville, Georgia police officers racially profiled him this week.

The Alabama rapper took to Instagram to make his accusation, saying he was trying to buy a trailer for his upcoming Moon Boy Tour when the owner of the trailer company called the cops. The 27-year-old shared two videos of his interactions with local authorities, alongside a lengthy caption.

“These Gainesville, Ga police officer are racially profiling us!” he wrote. “They approached me and my team for absolutely nothing trying to buy a trailer for my tour at (Absolute Trailers) the owner was a old white guy who called the police talking about they suspect fraud! I was just trying to buy a trailer!”

He explained in the second video that the owners called the police because they had dealt with a suspected fraud incident the prior week. According to the Shade Room, Bleu had been waiting outside the trailer store for around 10 minutes before cops pulled up.