There’s been some intrigue about how Rowdy Rebel and Bobby Shmurda would sound on 2021 rap production. The prevailing thought was that though their presence ignited what eventually became Brooklyn drill, they never actually rhymed over those 808Melo and AXL “type” beats synonymous with the new scene. Even the more trap-leaning production they used has been updated a couple times while they’ve been away. But every one of Rowdy’s appearances since coming home has been impressive, including “Came and Saw” on Slime Language 2. He rides a churning Wheezy beat with finesse, sounding at home with his charismatic mic presence. Thug already looked out for Rowdy with a chain, and now he put him on a star-studded album. The way he blends in with the rest of the stars on the album (without sounding outdated) bodes well for him going forward. —Andre Gee