At the 2021 Revolt Summit, Young Thug and Gunna were at a panel discussion where they talked about the influence Atlanta has had on hip-hop, and how important they think their home city will be in the next five to ten years.

During their conversation that took place earlier this month, Thug highlighted that he believes Atlanta is at the center of hip-hop right now because the youth controls the city and that they don’t hate on each other.

“The Southern hospitality, man. It’s Black, it’s just Black as fuck,” Thug explained when asked what makes Atlanta special. “The youth kinda own everything, the newer generation run everything. Everybody got hearts, everybody love each other — well, for the most part. It ain’t that many haters.”

On the point of where the city will be in the next decade, Thug said that he thinks Atlanta will be the hub of hip-hop in similar way that New York City is viewed.

“I don’t see no city taking over Atlanta,” he said. “Because we steady having new artists come from Atlanta, bruh, and we getting bigger and bigger and bigger. The biggest artists that are popping right now are from Atlanta. We gon’ keep going higher and higher. I don’t see no other city gaining the number one spot again. We got it.”

The camaraderie that Thug is referencing is evident in his music as well. On his last compilation tape, Slime Language 2, the ATL rapper not only tapped his YSL labelmates be on the project, but blood relatives from his home city as well. With that type of connection and the constant flow of talent coming from the area, it wouldn’t be surprising if Thug’s statement rings true a decade from now.

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