As Wale is on the verge of dropping his latest album, Folarin 2, some of his fans have been nostalgic and looking back on his career. One fan, however, commented how they feel like the rapper’s alignment with Rick RossMaybach Music Group stifled Wale’s career instead of helped it.

The fan initially tweeted how they believe Wale’s career was stifled by the trappings of the industry and bad business moves, something the rapper quote-tweeted and scoffed at.

The fan continued by saying that while Wale was their favorite rapper in the past, “i just feel like MMG compromised your real talent and creativity and I know you couldn’t do shit about that, I get it..but your lyrics inspired I dont see that anymore, hopefully Folarin 2 will be that again.”

Wale replied to this claim as well, saying that he thinks he made some of his best music with MMG.

After the fan said they didn’t think Wale’s work under MMG had depth, the rapper quickly retorted again by giving examples of the diverse music he dropped during that era.

The interaction never got hostile and Wale simply highlighted he believes his MMG era is just as important as the one he’s about to enter with the release of Folarin 2. After dropping the project’s single “Poke It Out” featuring J. Cole, the DC rapper has primed fans for the album’s Oct. 22 release date.