Watch YK Osiris Attempt to Conquer the Milk Crate Challenge

The challenge, which sees people trying to walk atop stacks of crates, isn't designed for success. Still, Osiris gave it a go over the weekend in Atlanta.

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YK Osiris has taken the #MilkCrateChallenge plunge, albeit unsuccessfully.

To be fair, the challenge—which has taken off in recent weeks on TikTok and elsewhere—isn’t exactly designed for guaranteed success. In fact, a quick scroll through other peoples’ entries shows that completing the task of maintaining one’s balance across a stacked assortment of crates does indeed require some difficult maneuvering.

In a clip shared on Sunday, Osiris is seen giving the challenge a go as Boosie Badazz looks on. Earlier in the day, the latter had promised $1,000 to anyone who was able to nail the challenge. Once Osiris gets to the highest section of the assortment of crates, he’s seen taking a tumble and ultimately falling on his back. 

In a follow-up clip, Osiris is seen driving away from the scene of the challenge, joking in the caption that he was on his way to the hospital “after almost breaking my back.” 

The resulting jokes later drew a response from Osiris, who said in a Stories update that he didn’t do “bad” with his efforts.

“It just looks funny ’cause it’s me,” he said. “I saw a lot of y’all n***as’ shit. That shit was bustin’ y’all ass, man. Shit, I took that shit like a G. Y’all breaking necks [and] breaking backs. Damn!”

Among those who were quick to react to Osiris’ attempted crate feat was Wale, who noted in a tweet that there is “no way” an activity of this type doesn’t cause physical pain:

It’s no way this don’t hurt …

— Wale (@Wale) August 22, 2021

The jokes have also extended to the comments sections of Boosie Juice promo clips, with one Instagram user joking that the drink “better hit me like YK hit that ground.”

As for the challenge at large, a few people have managed some truly remarkable entries, including this one shared by @kizzykeri over the weekend:

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