Cordae is apparently frugal with his money and doesn’t live an especially lavish lifestyle. So when a fan had a particular request at the rapper’s Phoenix show, Cordae adamantly declined. The concertgoer was holding a sign in the crowd asking Cordae for money to “pay my college tuition.”

“N***a, hell no!” Cordae said, after reading the sign out loud. “Boy, you thought I was Lil Uzi or something? Shit!”

Cordae’s comment was a nod to Lil Uzi Vert saying in 2019 that he’d pay for a fan’s $90,000 tuition upon graduating from Temple University. That fan, Raheem Ahmad, graduated this year and has asked Uzi to make good on that promise.

“I finally graduated bro, I told y’all I don’t bullshit. Can you now come thru?” Ahmad wrote in an Instagram caption, tagging Uzi.

Cordae can be frugal, an attribute seen in his appearance on Complex’s Sneaker Shopping in 2019, when he decided not to buy a pair of dunks because of the price tag. “Ahhh, them Dunks was like four bands?” he said. “Man, you can take them joints off. That’s like an ’05 Honda.”

He confirmed his spending habits again recently, telling GQ in February, “I really don’t spend money, bro. … I live well below my means. I don’t own any jewelry. … One of my biggest blessings is I do what I love for a living full time. My lifestyle’s hella regular.”